Frequently asked questions

Only citizen aged 18+ from Bangladesh can able to do buy and sell including exchange. Very soon our service will be open for India, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, Italy, Code D Ivory and some other countries.

At the moment we are not asking for any document but very soon you will be asked for valid document such as Passport / National ID / Driving License.

Hi, after long waiting we just going to open our TBC to BTC exchange plan. But you have to follow the following rules. As you know TBC is going to become popular and we are also interested to accept TBC to BTC exchange but we do have little conditions as most of the TBC holder are discounting their coins so it could be the cause of risk. That's why we are adding some limitations in cash out. Please do transaction if and only if you are agree with our rules and following steps.

Package Name Package Valu Limitations
Small $50 BTC Daily Draw: $2.50 BTC (Except Sunday)
Maximum Draw: $60 BTC
Medium $100 BTC Daily Draw: $5.00 BTC (Except Sunday)
Maximum Draw: $120 BTC
Enterprise $250 BTC Daily Draw: $8.00 BTC (Except Sunday)
Maximum Draw: $280 BTC


1. We are not going to generate the total cash out from one users package money to another or not by doing any affiliate commission
2. When you purchase the pack then we'll use that money into our separate investment plan from where we always generate our profit
3. We are not operating any illegal fund raising plan here so if you have any confusion then please don't come here to cash out your TBC
4. We and our team are able to generate around $30
from your $50 pack in 20 days so it's very easy to us to give you $60, $120 and $280
5. We'll operate this service 6 days in a week as our investment to other places are not allowed to give us profit on Sunday

How to pay your pack fee?

1. Collect our BTC Wallet ID from our facebook support team ( and after confirm your BTC package fee provide your details to the support team for verifying your payment
2. It may take up to 24 hours to verify your payment or depending on BitCoin pending status
3. When your payment get confirmed then you have to create an account into and have to provide your username, email address & phone number
4. Remember, you can only draw your money once a day, so never try to place any double order or more value than your max daily limits
5. Feel free to contact with our support team via facebook if you face any issue or problems

Finally, we want to thank you for your TRUST into our platform and we hope your support will help us to continue our service. Thanks